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Ever since the inception of the Formula series, DXRacer made its foray into the gaming setup market in 2006. The revolutionary products, gaming chairs, have taken the globe by storm, captivating the hearts of avid esports players everywhere and bringing a brand-new gaming experience like never before.

2006 2006


In 2007, DXRacer made significant investments in sponsoring the Star Wars events. DXRacer's chairs made a remarkable debut in the gaming arena, captivating everyone with their cool appearance and remarkably comfortable seating experience. DXRacer has earned global recognition as the "King of Gaming Chairs," with an increasing number of gaming enthusiasts considering DXRacer as the standard setup for gaming.

2007 2007


In 2008, the World Cyber Games (WCG) chose DXRacer as its official gaming chair brand. Our gaming chairs quickly gained widespread acclaim among tournament committees and professional esports athletes. Meanwhile, DXRacer collaborated with Fnatic (FNC), a prominent European esports team, to introduce customized gaming chairs, thereby further expanding DXRacer's position and influence in the global gaming chair industry.

2008 2008


Proficiently anticipating and comprehending the European market, DXRacer provided each elite esports athlete at the Intel Extreme Masters (IEM) with a customized and professional gaming chair in 2011. DXRacer gaming chairs garnered an immediate following from a significant number of players and enthusiasts.

2011 2011


In 2013, DXRacer made its entry into the U.S. Market, establishing its headquarters in Michigan, a region known for its robust manufacturing industry. With that, DXRacer partnered with Major League Gaming (MLG), prompting the DXRacer gaming chairs to become the standard setup for esports events around the world.

2013 2013


In 2015, DXRacer collaborated with the League of Legends Korean Champions League (LCK)'s elite team, SK Telecom T1 (SKT T1). With their exceptional skills and professional DXRacer gaming seats, Team SKT T1 managed to secure not only the 2015 LCK Spring and Summer Championships but also emerged victorious in the highly anticipated League of Legends Global Finals Season 5 Championship. This marks the beginning of a three-peat for Team SKT T1 at the Global Finals.

2015 2015


In 2017, DXRacer partnered with the prestigious League Of Legends Professional League (LPL) in China and was designated as the exclusive official chair brand for the esteemed league. Additionally, in partnership with the elite team EDward Gaming (EDG), DXRacer introduced the EDG edition co-branded gaming chair. This collaboration was critical to EDG's victory at the 2023 Summer LPL Finals.

2017 2017


DXRacer made significant strides in expanding its global presence throughout 2019. DXRacer has been officially designated as the gaming chair supplier for the world's most prestigious tournaments’ official gaming chairs, including The League of Legends Pro League (LPL), the League of Legends EMEA Championship (LEC), and the Evolution Championship Series (EVO); Some of the most prominent gaming teams worldwide, such as (VP), Invictus Gaming (IG), etc. have received backing from us, among others. Notably, the collaboration with IG has proven fruitful, as the team achieved remarkable success in the League of Legends Global Finals. In Season 8, they emerged as champions, while securing a commendable third-place finish in Season 9. DXRacer is never absent from the world's top esports events.

2019 2019


With a clear vision for the future, DXRacer decided to embark on a global rebranding journey with a brand-new logo. We are committed to consistently upgrading our global sub-sites, building upon the success of our U.S. Website, so that we may cater to diverse markets and cultures and expand our reach across the globe.

2023 2023


In 2024, DXRacer launched the Smart Electric Gaming Chair, a truly extraordinary and revolutionary product that provides you with an out-of-this-world zero-gravity experience for utmost comfort and optimal performance. It makes you feel like you're floating in space!

2024 2024

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Presently, DXRacer has established a sales network in 56 countries and regions and boasts an extensive network of more than 200 resellers all over the world. The biggest names in esports choose to collaborate with DXRacer. DXRacer has not only reached millions of loyal followers on social media and a substantial user base spanning the globe, but we are consistently setting new records in global sales.

Sweep the Globe Sweep the Globe
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